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Did you know about 75 per cent of Australians do not file their own tax returns and prefer to lodge with a registered tax agent? This is certainly a great way to make sure you correctly report your earnings and claim any deductions you’re entitled to. But with many passing on their tax responsibilities to the professionals, how many of us actually understand how to read a tax return or even a profit and loss statement? Understanding these principles are vital in planning and achieving your money goals.

That's why we created Do you have finance FOFU? - an interactive course that builds on the fundamentals of managing your finances and takes your money confidence to the next level.

In this module, facilitated with our own partner Accountant and Registered Tax Agent Trudi Cowan, you will learn how to prepare for and read a tax return, understand the workings of, and how to read a profit and loss statement and utilise this info to help achieve your money goals.

It can be taken at your own pace, in your own time, on your schedule.

The course is only $49 PLUS you get lifetime access to an exclusive group of people who are just like you, sharing tips and tricks on how they are taking back control of their finances, while keeping each other accountable well after the course is finished.

This course includes;

  • Tax Returns
  • Basic Profit and Loss
  • Simple Profit and Loss

GET FINANCE FOFU for only $49!

Sarah Eifermann

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