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You’ve spent countless hours training and perfecting your skills so you know your trade well and are outstanding at your job. But how many hours have you spent on your business skills?

Like most other tradies, you probably left school and started your apprenticeship. You learnt all the theory while practicing your skills with your boss. You finish your final year of your apprenticeship and say goodbye to trade school. In the following years you finally decided to take the leap and start your own business. The problem? You’ve never been taught the basics of running your own business.

You probably don’t have any written systems and procedures, an official business plan or future direction and let’s not get into how to fix cash flow issues and increase profit margins. The fact is most tradies don't - the few that do have received training and help from experts.

Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve owned your business for a number of years, there will come a time where you will need direction and support to refine and grow your business.  

So how can we help you?
As a self-employed finance broker for over 15 years, I have a long history of working with tradies on their finances. As a business owner, I have gained strategic insight that allows me to identify common issues and create processes to solve these problems and strategies to scale and grow businesses in the construction industry.

We help tradies build their business and reach their goals - whether that involves increasing your revenue, expanding your team or getting you off the tools to spend more time with your family. On a one-on-one basis we’ll deal with immediate business and financial issues, then implement a plan to work towards your ultimate goals for the business. From our experience, here’s what we've found tradies find most valuable from business advisory services:

  • An audit of your current business and operations
  • Goal setting and business direction planning
  • An investigation into current systems/processes (with recommendations for changes)
  • Understanding your money (reports, job profit margins, cash flow, financial statements and overall profitability)
  • Becoming more efficient and effective in your sales process
  • Implementing an accountability framework
  • Mentoring in leadership
  • Marketing recommendations
  • A personal business behaviour analysis to combat self-sabotage and instil greater clarity, confidence and courage
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Looking for Finance Solutions for Tradies?
As a professional mortgage broker, Sarah and the team at SFE Loans can also assist you on all your finance needs. If you’re looking at commercial property loans, vehicle finance, asset and equipment loans or cash flow assistance, head over to the SFE Loans website!

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