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Why is Helix Planning the best business planning service for financial service providers?

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As a successful finance broker with over fifteen years of experience, I have a unique insight into how financial service providers operate. As the director of Helix Planning, I’ve also learnt a lot about what it takes for a business to succeed, in any industry.

As financial service providers, we don’t make a move without running the numbers, but other aspects of business strategy can and do get neglected. Because of our focus on the bottom line, we tend to forge ahead without a business plan that incorporates sales, marketing, systems and goals as well. Furthermore, many brokers operate without one crucial measure, and it’s something that’s essential for success: accountability.

Entering into an accountability agreement and making some small but serious changes in my own operations changed my broking business substantially. I went from writing satisfactory volumes to being in the top 150 brokers nationally with my aggregator. I won a Commercial Rising Star award and a CAFBA scholarship to the WLA’s Advanced Leadership Course, valued at over $20K. All this happened in less than 18 months:

So how can we help you?
Using the strategic insight I’ve gained in transforming my own broking business, we can help you with a range of coaching and advisory services. In our expereince, here's what financial service providers find most valuable:

  • An audit of your current business and operations
  • Organisational chart/structural review with defined job roles/position descriptions
  • An investigation into current systems/processes (with recommendations for changes)
  • Conflict resolution with internal/external stakeholders
  • Goal setting, business direction planning
  • Mentoring in leadership
  • Team building workshops/plans
  • Marketing blueprint including value proposition, strategy and target market analysis
  • Sales funnel and new business opportunities analysis
  • Action planning and exit strategies
  • Implementing an accountability framework
  • A personal business behaviour analysis to combat self-sabotage and instil greater clarity, confidence and courage.

Do these sound like areas that could use some attention in your financial services business?

To shift your business from stagnant to soaring, we can work with you in the following ways:

  • One-on-one mentoring for personalised advice and guidance
  • Skype mentoring and business advisory services for individuals or teams
  • A three-day intensive course to lay the groundwork for your long-term success.

What’s included in the three-day intensive course?
The three-day intensive course covers topics including:

  • The business success model and what this looks like for you
  • Your brand identity and the impact this has on your success
  • Your role as an operator within your business and your brand
  • Your purpose, vision, goals and how to communicate these
  • Your value proposition and marketing strategy
  • Your market position and assessment
  • Your personal business behaviour and how this helps or hinders you
  • Your approach to risk and discomfort in business
  • Your investment risk profile
  • Planning for future growth and evolution
  • Cash flow analysis and tax implications: ebit/ebitda, trail attrition
  • Building business relationships and mastermind affiliates
  • Legal, insurance and compliance considerations

What if I just want to measure and track my business success?

If you are interested in understanding the relative position of your business within a framework of business acumen, the Business Acumen Gauge provides a non emotional statistical benchmark for tracking overall business success. We can facilitate an assessment for you, including a coaching debrief of the data points that arise. This gauge helps determine the key capabilities that are relevant to each role in your business, and assesses how you or your team members operate in these areas. This assessment will provide you with valuable, concise and unemotional feedback. Find out more here.

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