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Sarah Eifermann is an award winning finance broker, business owner, travel enthusiast, business strategist and accountability coach.

Who is sarah Eifermann?

As the founder and brains behind multiple successful businesses and brands, Sarah is passionate about sharing her life, entrepreneur and financial service industry experiences.

She strives to help others become confident, resilient, driven and successful in achieving their personal and business goals. Sarah is the epitome of a strong, resilient, determined and courageous woman.

As one of five children, she began learning these traits from a young age. Sarah joined the Army Cadets, and proved her resilience, courage and determination by reaching the highest rank and receiving the opportunity to attend the ADFA. She holds a Bachelor of International Relations, and at the age of 21 wrote Consular Law Policy for the East Timorese Government. These skills helped Sarah to survive as a young female finance broker, who went on to win industry awards.

For over 20 years, Sarah has been empowering others to understand and command their own personal and professional financial futures and supporting them to achieve their current and future dreams.

In 2020, Sarah was set to embark on the trip of a lifetime to reflect and discover what she wanted from the next stage in her life. On the 16th of March 2020 while in Cusco, Peru, her trip of a lifetime took a turn for the worst due as COVID19 threw the world into disarray. She found herself locked in and Airbnb in a foreign country with little to no usable information or support from the Australian Government. Stranded for over three weeks in Peru, it was a time of stress, uncertainty and high emotions, but Sarah was determined to get herself and her fellow Aussies home. You can watch Sarah’s unforgettable tale of resilience, determination and courage below.

See Sarah in Action

Sarah Eifermann tells the story of being trapped in a foreign country under martial law during a pandemic. With no way to get back to Australia, Sarah tells her unforgettable tale of resilience and courage in getting both herself and her fellow Aussies back home.

Motivate, Inspire & Engage Your Audience At Your Next Event

Sarah Eifermann is available to motivate, inspire and engage your audience with her personal and professional tales of resilience, courage, determination and success at your next motivational, business or strategy, corporate and public speaking event.

Drawing from her life experiences and professional knowledge as a finance broker, business owner and business strategist and accountability coach, Sarah is passionate about discussing:

  • Finance
  • Business
  • Women in Business
  • Business Acumen

Whether it is to guest speak, present, be a panel member or an MC, Sarah will make an excellent addition to your next event.

To find out more about book Sarah Eifermann for speaking opportunities please contact via phone 0421 079 415 or via email