Corporate Workshops

Unlock the potential of your team by with a down-to-earth approach to financial literacy & business acumen with corporate workshops facilitated by Sarah.


At Helix Planning, we understand that the success of your business hinges not only on your products and services but on the capabilities & financial literacy of your team.

Sarah Eifermann, our seasoned business strategist and finance broker, spearheads corporate workshops that are tailored to elevate your team's performance, decision-making, and financial independence & understanding.

With a tailored approach, Helix Planning can build a workshop to suit your needs or you can choose from one of the following topics.

Workshops topics include;

Financial Literacy

In today’s fast-paced world, understanding the fundamentals of finance is more crucial than ever. Our workshops demystify financial jargon and concepts, making them accessible and actionable for your team. From creating realistic budgets to effective money management strategies, we empower participants to make informed financial decisions, both personally and professionally.

Building Business Acumen in the Workplace

Your team’s ability to make sound business decisions can set your company apart from the competition. Our workshops are designed to enhance business acumen, covering essential topics such as market analysis, strategic planning, and critical thinking. Through practical exercises and real-world examples, participants learn to assess risks, understand financial implications, and contribute to your business's growth and stability.

Obtaining Home Loans

The dream of home ownership is universal, but the process can be daunting. Sarah Eifermann breaks down the home loan process in our workshops, covering topics such as preparing your financial documents, understanding loan options, and negotiating with lenders. By educating your team on these processes, we not only assist them in achieving their personal goals but also improve their overall financial wellness and stability.

Empower your team & transform your business with a Helix Planning workshop.  For more information contact us on: 0421 079 415 or via email