Better Business Owner Course

Are you tired of drowning in paperwork, getting bogged down by endless quotes, and working all hours of the day? If you’re great at what you do but struggle with the management side of things, it’s time to take control and find a better way.

Become a Better Business Owner

Better Business Owner Course now updated with 2 extra Tax modules!

Imagine having a business that runs smoothly, giving you the chance to enjoy life outside of work. That dream can start to become a reality today with the Better Business Owners Course.

Join an exclusive group of business owners who have taken the first step to financial security and less stress by opening the door to freedom in managing business and starting the Better Business Owners Course. Whether you're launching a new venture or looking to improve your existing business, this course is designed to put you on the right path. With the addition of our new tax modules, we're making it even easier to handle every aspect of your business with confidence.

Know your job, but don’t know how to business?

So you know your gig right and are really good at it? And perhaps thought, that last person I worked for was useless and I can do better than them, hands down anyday! Many business owners get caught out thinking it’s easier than it is. To be fair with say 10 years’ experience it can be relatively easy as you’ve learned all the hard lessons via the school of business life.

However, if you’re like most people in business, you’re so busy working in the business you don’t have the time or knowledge to work on the business. You started very quickly with limited if any research, took the cheapest and easiest path to set up- usually as a sole trader, and haven’t got your legals sorted either. You know, your employment, sub contract and client contracts? What about your business why and how that impacts every single communication and advertising you do?

Ooppss we also forgot Intellectual Property and probably a really important one- Occupational Health and Safety! We think you get our drift. Being a Better Business Owner is a mindset you develop, and if you just know your job as a Technical Specialist and not how to business, get moving asap on this course!

Getting things done seems really complicated

So many moving parts but not enough time? Inefficiencies will kill your profit and your will to continue!

Have you done the assessment on what kinds of systems you need to meet your processes? Do you even know what your processes are? What about Clients and your relationships and communication styles? Does your client feel like a valued customer after they have journeyed through your sales experience?

How do you turn them into repeat business, because after all, we’re sure you’ve heard that it’s cheaper to retain a customer rather than find a new one? When you're facing questions regularly like this, it could be a tell-tale sign that you are not meeting your business commitments and losing valuable business cred.

Get ahead of the game, and ensure your blood, sweat and tears in business brings you $$$ in return.

Not sure if you’re really Quoting for Profit?

Feeling like you’re constantly on the edge of financial ruin? Running a small business can often feel unpredictable. Do you even know if the way you quote for works covers your cost? Is your business partner constantly telling you there’s not enough money, but you can’t see how that is when you are adding a profit margin to each job or project?

Breaking Even and Quoting for Profit is a neatly balanced equation of understanding exactly what your business expenses are and how you include them when quoting for work. None of this is possible if you don’t understand how to read your financials in the first place and this module also teaches you how to understand them, and the words your Accountant uses! Finally this module also teaches you the impact of inaccurate bookkeeping and how correct data entry as a priority in business can change your life.

Become a Better Business Owner

The Better Business Owners Course covers the following topics;

The Better Business Owners course covers a range of business topics
Become a Better Business Owner

What’s Included

10 x 1-2 hour modules

10 x 1-2 hour modules & podcasts

You get access to our easy to follow modules you can do in your own time and at your own pace  with pre recorded videos!

Downloadable workbooks

Downloadable workbooks for each module to put your learning into practice and help you develop strategies in your business.

Our workbooks are designed to help you understand the content and help towards developing and growing your business!

Exclusive communities

Access to an exclusive course community for extra support on your business journey

Connect with people who are just like you, sharing tips and tricks about running a business while keeping each other accountable well after the course is finished!

Become a Better Business Owner

Think this all may be above your head, and capabilities?

Don’t worry yourself too much! Whilst the language used, especially in financial terms can be overwhelming at first, we promise we make this as easy as possible to understand!

You’ll be surprised just how quickly you pick this up!

Besides, if you don’t start now trying to get it, when will you? And if you’ve been saying or thinking for a while, “I’d like to learn a new language” this may not have been what you were thinking, but you’ll still achieve that outcome!

Become a Better Business Owner

How it works

You’ll get access all the modules of the Better Business Owner Course, which covers the above topics in detail. Your presenter is Business Strategist and Commercial Finance Expert; Sarah Eifermann, who is the owner of Helix Planning and has over 20 years of senior financial and business expertise, it will be like she’s sitting next to you sharing her knowledge. The tax modules are presented by Trudi Cowan from TCK Accountants in conjunction with Helix Planning. Trudi offers a wealth of experience including a Bachelor of Accounting and a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) from Deakin University, Master of Laws (Taxation) from the University of Melbourne. She is a member of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand, a Fellow of the Tax Institute of Australia and is a Registered tax agent with the Board of Tax Practitioners.

This is not a registered training course, yet it is an solid structure for success based on real life experiences of working with successful businesses. Sarah has been working with businesses on these 8 key issues for over 7 years.

You can complete the course in your own time, either all at once, or over several days or weeks and it will save you years of heart and pain trying to work this info out on your own.

There’ll also be worksheets and templates you can fill out and apply in your own business giving you real time actual useable data you can apply immediately! Access remains for 12 months too, so you can revisit at any time.

Become a Better Business Owner!

Our Pricing

Pay as you go
Pay as you go or select individual modules as needed.
per module

Total price for all 10 modules is $2200

Become a Better Business Owner
Full Course
Buy as a bundle all 10 modules, to save 20% off the pay as you go price

Buy as a bundle all 10 modules and receive a $440 discount, or 20% off the total price.

Become a Better Business Owner
Loved the course and want more?
Half Price 1 hr 1:1 Business & Accountability Coaching
normally $550 (save 50%)

The 1:1 will offer you direct access with Sarah to cement the learnings and explore any specific focus areas to help take your business to the next level.
* discount is limited to 1 hr max coaching check out our other Packages

Sarah Eifermann
Meet Sarah

The brains behind the Streetwise Money, Better Business & Financial FOFU courses

My name’s Sarah Eifermann and I’m an award-winning finance broker, business owner, travel enthusiast, business strategist and accountability coach. For over 20 years I have been empowering people just like you to understand and command their own financial future and supporting them to achieve their current and future money dreams.

No one likes to talk about money and it may leave you feeling uninspired, confused and overwhelmed, but it really is one of the most important things you will ever do in order to create the financial future you’ve always dreamt of.

Like you I wasn’t always a master of money, at one point in my life I was even tens of thousands of dollars in debt. Now I am a homeowner and spend my time travelling whenever I get the chance, all while sticking to my budget and living within my means.

I created the Streetwise Money & Financial FOFU courses to share what I’ve learnt within the financial services industry and from my own personal experiences so that you too can have the confidence to set, manage and smash your financial goals. You will learn how to budget, track and achieve your money goals at your own pace, in your own time AND on your schedule.

Today is the day to take the next step towards mastering your money!

WHat our clients had to say about us



1 review


Sarah is a wonderful business advisor who has helped us to change our business mindset, set achievable goals and provide the support to help us achieve them. We have a new set of goals for 2022/23 and know we are in safe hands with Sarah's guidance and assistance along the way! We love working with Sarah and are grateful for her insights, opinions and knowledge that she shares with us.

Tashi GLT

13 reviews

Tashi GLT

Mind blown! Sarah has worked with me to expand and grow my existing business into a realm I did not think possible! Her knowledge base, insight and ability to meld her skills to my niche industry whilst working with me to ensure that I was empowered and educated has taken me on a humbling journey of success! Funny, intelligent, vivacious, confident and highly professional, always looking ahead to ensure my best interest, I simply can not recommend Sarah highly enough! Many many thanks Sarah!

Kara Pratt

1 review

Kara Pratt

Sarah’s attention to detail to all facets of your business are incredible. Her advice and expertise has helped shape my business to stay ahead of the game and plan for a prosperous future. Thank you Sarah.

Tenique Hell

4 reviews

Tenique Hell

I had seen for a long time the sort of work Sarah has done but recently experienced it first hand. She is a wealth of knowledge and incredibly experienced in what she does. My partner and I liked that she was straight down the line and explained things easily for us to understand. She also gave us advice to suit our business, not just stock standard advice that isn't tailored. We intend to work with her moving forward and are both excited about what the future will hold with Sarah's guidance.

Ben Marshall

1 review

Ben Marshall

Sarah was my go to whenever I needed sound business advice or a sounding board to help make decisions in my carpentry business. She has a huge knowledge base and I can talk trade with her, without having to keep explaining myself. She just gets it. Sarah clearly explained the concepts and helped me work out my best plan of attack for my issue. I really felt like I had an understanding of the concepts of business and what I was trying to achieve whenever I worked with her. If I go back to working for myself, I’d 100% have Helix Planning and Sarah back on board to help me navigate the business world and also hold me accountable to achieving my goals.

Jesse Shanhun

41 reviews

Jesse Shanhun

I highly recommend Sarah from helix planning. I’m a tradie with my own business and before meeting Sarah I had little direction and knowledge on how to quote my jobs , the way I was quoting was not sustainable as we discovered. After a successful business audit I now have clear direction on what I need to do to make sure I’m making money and moving forward continuing working for myself. Thanks for all your help sarah 🙌🏻