Quadripartite Agreement

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Quadripartite Agreement

With the Final Report of the Banking Royal Commission handed down in February 2019, it became very clear that under the law, our industry is conflicted due to the nature of remuneration.

This Report was preceded by over five years of government and sector reviews, and yet to date it is evident the industry does not appear to have a suitable proposition to the Royal Commission that fosters all parties involved, whilst championing the consumer’s best interests.

As the market share of Mortgage and Finance brokers is steadily growing- currently pushing toward sixty percent - it puts us in a unique position where we can help reform the industry and drive beneficial change; creating an environment that removes the needfor future costly industry and government reviews, and does away with legal conflicts ofinterest and services the consumer’s best interests.

The question now is, how do we foster an outcome that is beneficial to all parties and drives consumer interests?

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