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At Helix Planning, we offer assistance along the spectrum from business coaching to business advisory services. With our robust financial services background, we’re able to offer a higher degree of financial education than many other business consultancy services. This financial focus underpins and informs all our programs.

Here’s a brief run-down of the programs we provide and the differences between them: If you’re reasonably new to the world of business, a coach is likely to be most beneficial to you.

The Emerge: Business Coaching program will connect you with a coach who will help build your skills and knowledge and teach you how to operate with an effective mindset and efficient practices. In this program, you complete tasks with our guidance.

The Elevate: Business Coaching and Business Advisory program is ideal for business owners and operators who need more in-depth assistance than that provided by a coach. This program combines coaching and advisory services to facilitate the evolution of your business. You’ll receive assistance to implement growth strategies with our feedback and support.

The Excel: Business Advisory program is best suited to business owners and operators who need to outsource the planning and management of their growth. After extensive consultation with you and analysis of your full business operations, the Helix Planning team will devise and implement a strategic success plan on your behalf.

You can read more about each program below, or get in touch to discuss your needs on: 0421 079 415 or via email

The Helix Planning Programs:

ENGAGE: Business Coaching

This program is designed for businesses who are experiencing significant roadblocks to their success. In this program, you’ll troubleshoot problems and go back to basics to make sure that you have the right foundations, a strong fundamental structure and robust systems in place to safeguard your stability, prepare for your growth and cultivate ongoing success. In this relationship, Sarah and the Helix team will empower you to seek your own insights, make informed decisions, and become a self-aware, smart and savvy business operator.


Elevate: Business Coaching and Business Advisory

This program is designed for businesses that are established and functioning but need some help reaching their full potential. Sarah and the Helix team will work with you to analyse every aspect of your business operations from marketing to finances, in depth and in detail. They’ll help you to identify what works well, pinpoint the barriers to your progress, and prescribe a strategic plan for you to implement that will boost you into the next exciting chapter of business growth and goal achievement.


Excel: Business Advisory

This program is designed for businesses who are experiencing a measure of success and understand the need to manage it effectively in order to scale, sustain and further it. Sarah and the Helix team will conduct an exhaustive analysis of your business structure, systems and operations, your financial status and options, the market in which you operate and the possibilities for future managed growth. They will then implement a customised strategy that protects your existing success, fosters your continued development and drives your business to heights you only dreamed of.


Prices start from $250 (inc.) per hour

What others have to say

“Sarah has been a valuable asset to my construction business since the very beginning. I trust Sarah’s advice when it comes to cash flow, managing my expenses and my business plan. Sarah is patient and explains everything until you have an understanding - no matter how long it takes. Whenever I speak to anyone about their business, I always recommend Sarah’s services.” - Rob Pretto

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