December 6, 2022

5 Tips to Prepare Your Business for the Christmas Season

We're approaching the Christmas period if you haven't noticed from all the Christmas decorations at your local shops that's been available for purchase for the past several weeks. Many Business Owners can find the holiday period overwhelming with so many tasks and responsibilities still to complete. So we put together our top 5 tips to prepare your business for the Christmas season:

1.     Prepare for the busier (or quieter) period. Depending on your service or product the end of the year may be hectic as you're winding up projects or monotonous as you prepare for closure. Whichever scale your business usually finds itself in, start preparing for that period. Communicate and set expectations with your clients about timeframes. If you are quieter, why not start planning for 2023 so you can set your business up for success as soon as you reopen for the new year?

2.     Schedule business tasks ahead of time. Does payroll fall on Boxing Day? Do you need to place orders for supplies before a set date? Do you need to get your bookkeeping up to date? Can you send invoices now so you're not working during the holidays?

3.     Update Your Trading Days. Are you planning to be closed or only have a skeleton staff during the holiday period? Discuss and organise holiday leave with your team, update your email signature with your closed period, notify your clients, or post your closed periods on your Google and social accounts.

4.     Consider running a promotion. Although everyone is feeling the squeeze in their pockets with interest rates and the cost of living increases, people are still willing to splash the cash on items or services that are important to them. Christmas and New Year is a time people are willing to spend, especially if it's on sale. Running a promotion may also help inject some cash or new projects for 2023.

5.     Thank your clients and team. Businesses wouldn't survive without the support of the people who help grow and run their businesses. Don't forget to wish your staff and clients happy holidays and thank them for their support in 2022. Gift costs can add up, but even a heartfelt email goes along way.

2022 has been a year of transition for many as we all navigate running our businesses while managing environments outside of our control. We hope the holiday season will be a time of rest, reflection and celebration for you and your business.


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