August 21, 2020

Future-proofing your business for success

Remember when you were a kid and you'd wait eagerly for the year to end so that it was Christmas again? Then something changes when we grow up and suddenly time becomes so valuable and it seems to move faster and faster every year.

If you're in the same boat as us you'll agree it feels like we're on a rollercoaster into the future. But with so much uncertainty, many are asking what does the future even look like? Especially for small businesses. While we wish we knew, we can still make educated predictions, and as experts in our field, we've taken a look into what the new future of business success might look like and what steps can be taken to lead us there.

Revisiting your business plan

With all the negatives of this year aside, it has presented us with a range of opportunities to strengthen our businesses for success while future-proofing any holes in processes. It may have been involuntary but you now have the time to look deeper into your business, its goals and the best next steps for growth and recovery.

No one could have predicted this pandemic, we never would have expected it to happen in our lifetime. Even with our advanced technology and scientific breakthroughs we have become victim to this virus, the impossible has happened and it can happen again. We must not waste what this time has taught us, if it does happen again, having a business plan in place that holds up against challenges and external changes will pay off.

Future-proofing your business plan:

  • Define your value USP
  • Revisit your purpose and messaging
  • Enhance customer service and support
  • Refine your digital strategy and boost your digital presence.

The CEO Moment

The pandemic has changed life as we know it for good. It has posed a massive challenge for businesses amongst all roles, forcing an abrupt change in how employees work, how customers behave, halting supply chains and altering the definition of business success. With these changes, businesses not only need to re-align their business plan but also the way they lead their teams.

Management consulting firm McKinsey & Company have defined this new era of leadership as the 'CEO Moment'. "A great CEO will see that this moment is a unique opportunity for self-calibration, with profound implications for the organisation."

Confronting this hopefully once in a lifetime moment, CEOs and business owners have been forced to change the ways in which they lead and run their business. While these changes may have been birthed of necessity, they now have great potential to support a business beyond the crisis.

Recalibrating the typical work environment

While businesses have definitely changed for the long term, we'll still need to find ways to ensure employees feel connected, empowered and informed. After spending consecutive months working from home and socially distancing from friends and family, many employees will be eager to get their fix of personal connection and workplace culture, yet this needs to be approached in a smart and safe manner.

  • Remote working has shown us that not all businesses need an office to work from to stay productive but workplace culture should be transferred into the online sphere.
  • Once we return to the office we can't expect it to be the same way we left it. Office spaces will need to be optimised for personal space, social distancing and personal hygiene.
  • Hygiene practises will become ingrained into office management procedures with the addition of hygiene stations throughout.

It's hard to think about now but the sooner we start considering the benefits this pandemic has brought us such as time to reflect, a newfound resilience and flexible working conditions, the sooner we can focus on the recovery process. If you're struggling with planning the future of your business or feel lost amongst the effects of the pandemic Helix Planning can help. We'll work with you to set out a plan that is tailored to your businesses current situation and future goals, putting you back on the right track to success and growth.


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