October 4, 2022

Why It's Important to Be Consistent with Your Business Marketing

You hear the term "consistency" linked to success, greatness, excellence, and results. It's applied to many things in life, like routines and business, as well as marketing.

Even when you have the best intention to focus on your marketing, sometimes other stuff gets in the way. You commit to being consistent, but then you get bombarded with client work, or life throws you another roadblock.

But this blog post raises reasons why it's important to be consistent with your business marketing.


Customers will recognise your business.

When you are consistent with your business branding and marketing, your customers will start recognising your business. You want your customers to know who you are, what you're about and your product/service experience when they see your business on social and traditional marketing. This is where your marketing should also be consistent across all channels.


Consumers will feel connected to your business.

When consumers start to recognise your business and anticipate your actions or messages, they can start connecting with your brand on an emotional level. When branding is done right, consumers feel certain positive emotions when they see your business. And the more connected your customer feels towards your business, the more likely they will be loyal to your company and recommend you to others.


You'll attract the right customers.

Every business is unique and has an ideal customer they would like to attract. When you position your business through your marketing efforts, customers can start to gauge whether you're a fit for them and decide whether to engage your services. When you use the language, imagery or messaging targeted at your ideal customer, you'll also begin to attract those customers.


You don't know who's watching.

In a world where we are constantly bombarded with marketing messages everywhere we look, you don't know who has seen and connected with your business content. This is the unknown and benefit of being consistent with marketing your business. You need to be active, participate and be consistently marketing your business so those who don't know your business exists can have the opportunity to discover you.


So if you want to convert more customers into sales, be consistent with your marketing efforts. Businesses that regularly send clear, consistent messages to potential clients are consistent in their marketing.

To hear more business marketing tips, why not listen to Sarah's co-hosted podcast called FinancialFoFu. We highly suggest Episode12: Where do you start with marketing? For business owners who are unsure of what to do first when it comes to marketing their business.

If you are consistent with marketing your business, what's been the biggest impact? If you're struggling to be consistent, what's been your biggest hurdle?


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