November 4, 2020

Why you simply must budget


No one likes them, not even me! Yet, uggghhh, they do have a very functional purpose in assisting with the planning in your financial health.

Meh... you might ask WHY IS THIS EVEN IMPORTANT? Well, it's important if you have no money! It's important if you are struggling to manage the money you have, or as we all aspire to, have way too much money for sense!

Here's a list to make the why easy:

  • Budgets help you set spend limits
  • Budgets help you set goals
  • Budgets help you change your bad money habits
  • Budgets help you get what you want in life

Budgets once you set them up aren't that complicated or time consuming to manage! What's complicated and annoying is the fact that basic financial literacy isn't taught to us as children, so we don't know how to autopilot our money choices. That's where we should direct the real attitude.

But there's something you can do about that right now! It doesn't matter your age, where you live, what you finance and money matter knowledge is, what matters is what you do about it, and you could do something right now today.

Check out our course "How to 'boss' your finances in less than 10 minutes per day + Finance FOFU" and learn just how simple this really is and start your money intelligence journey today!

Then, once you've done that, grab some of the sweet tech that's available today to take the grunt work out of managing your money and your budget and smash those money goals.

Reach out and tell us your budget hacks!


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