March 31, 2021

Setting growth goals for your small business

Goals are important in visualising the future of your business, they help you stay focused and ensure everything keeps moving towards ongoing success.

While you've probably already set goals at the conception of your business and perhaps also created a few new years goals along the way, goal setting is actually a great tool that should be utilised throughout the year as well.

Having something to work towards throughout the year can also give you a sense of accomplishment and motivation in your everyday tasks, that might otherwise become routine and stagnant. Ideally, you should be setting a range of short term goals throughout the year alongside your long term goals, tracking their progress and working on your business strategies along the way. 

To enhance your businesses growth, we've put together a list of goals that can help to inspire you when creating your own more specific ones. Alternatively, if you'd like to develop a plan tailored to your specific needs, Helix Planning has got you covered! Check out our business planning and business coaching services for small businesses.

Growth goals that spark inspiration

Work smarter, not harder by integrating technology
Technology can save you money, time and make your processes more productive.

Develop a marketing plan to increase exposure
Delve deep into the core of your business and develop a plan that allows you to be seen online and connect with your audience.

Reduce expenses by minimising overhead costs
Find a more cost-effective office space that suits the size of your business.

Build customer relationships
Create a positive brand experience built on customer feedback and connection.

Attract passionate employees
Share your brand values at every touchpoint to connect with like-minded and passionate employees that can help build your growth.

Develop your internal skills
Choose a course that supports your businesses needs for yourself and your team to complete. You can never do too much upskilling!

Your goals will be based on the type of growth you'd like to see within your business, whether that looks like an increase in revenue, social media followers or expansion. Keep in mind that to be effective your goals should also be SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-based.

During the goal setting process, Helix Planning can help you to identify what works well, pinpoint the barriers to your progress, and work with you to create a strategic plan that supports business growth and goal achievement. Let's get started!


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